Let me tell you!!!!!

My alma mater, my softball team, the basketball program I worked for three years, LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO!

THE LOYOLA RAMBLERS made it into the NCAA tournament for the first time in 33 years!!!!

THE LOYOLA RAMBLERS ARE IN THE SWEET 16!!! They got there on two buzzer beater wins. I am still pumped up about it.

Why does this mean so much to me? Well, in my long journey to finally land a teaching job, I had a career change. I was one of Porter Moser’s, the head coach, first hires as he started his coaching career at Loyola. I was the basketball programs administrative assistant. I worked sun up to sun down with these coaches and players to make sure everything behind the scenes was perfect. For those three years, the coaches and players became my family. I watched as we were named the third worst team in Loyola history to now, a SWEET 16 TEAM!!!! I have maintained a close relationship with the coaches and have even had a couple of players come into my classroom for an activity (8 keys of excellence activity for those who are familiar). The kindergarteners couldn’t believe how big they were!

I am proud to be a part of the rebirth of this program and am so happy for Porter and the staff for persevering and believing in the process. Thursday cannot come soon enough!






Mom, I’m all achy. I don’t feel good! HELP!(Insert whiny voice)

I’m 32 and fully capable of taking care of myself.

So why did I call my mom? Maybe I was secretly waiting for the invite for her to take care of me….

She told me to come over to check in.

She fell right into my trap.

She also said mid-conversation that she got a new thermometer (for my TWO YEAR OLD nephew) that she hasn’t used yet.

Two year old nephews definitely need their (grand)mommies.

The evening continued and I left my parents with a slight fever. My mom wanted to come with me to my condo. I assured her I’d be okay! Instead, I left with everything she could find that could help. She continued to check in every 30 minutes.

We may have our arguments, but wow, am I’m so lucky to have a mom like her.

It’s still early…maybe I need homemade some chicken noodle soup! 😊

Kindergarten Homework

My kids (students) are always up on the latest dance moves. They sing and practice all day long. Today I jumped in at recess and they taught me “The Floss”. I assume from all the rumbling and giggling that I wasn’t performing up to their standards.

The day went on and it was time for dismissal. At this point, I’ve completely forgotten about my dance flop from earlier. My kids are getting picked up and suddenly one boy runs back up to me and yells, “Ms. O`Gean, don’t forget to practice the floss for homework tonight!”

Hope my practice makes perfect tonight!


The past two weeks have been tough! 430am alarms for a majority of our days and most followed up by some afternoon practices as two-a-days. Tryouts and preseason are exhausting! We have chosen our teams, but still have crazy practice times due to weather.

Tonight after practice the other coaches and I sat together talking about our game plan. We all looked at each other, exhausted as we set our alarms for our 6am practice. One of our coaches, also a coworker (Amanda Nihlean), stole my phone and labeled my alarm, “you are loved”.

Some days are tough and some days are tiring. Sometimes you wonder why you keep doing it. It is days like today that you realize you are in the presents of great people and none of the rest matters.

Thanks NIh for the alarm note. I’ve hit the reset button and ready to tackle tomorrow!

Go Bengals. Go Bulldogs.

To Pull or Not to Pull

Today our class (kindergarten) was waiting in the hall for our P.E. time to start. On the wall was a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher. We’ve seen these “wall accessories” plenty of times, but for whatever reason, the kids were fascinated by them today. We discussed how we only pull the alarm if there is a fire and other fire safety rules. The kids then started to talk about the noise the alarm makes if it does get pulled.

There was a sudden eerie silence as I observed the children taking a long hard look at the alarm. I can only imagine the temptation and curiosity they were feeling knowing that the alarm is “off limits”.

Soooo, if we happen to have a surprise fire drill today, I might have to do some investigating. 🙂

How DAIR-You

Is it you or is it me?

I sit here staring at you, wondering what to do

I have been trying to cut you out of my life


You are no longer good for me

…But you are SOOO good

Countless lunches, dinners, late nights and even a breakfast or two

I’m getting older and things seem to be changing

Today I will be strong, my slice of cheese pizza

The cheese must go (insert eye roll)

Oh dairy, how dair you do me wrong?!

New News!

Leading up to today, as my fourth year slicing, I worried that I would not be able to come up with new material and ideas. That worry led me to reflect on my past slices and where I am currently in my life. My slices have been about teaching, softball, basketball, becoming an aunt, traffic and A LOT of debate on whether to move from the city (Chicago) to the suburbs (where I teach). While a lot remains the same, there have been plenty of changes since last March!

Sneak peak on what you’re “subscribing” to:

  • Teaching Kindergarten 🙂
  • Coaching varsity softball at a local high school
  • Working for the Bulls
  • Drinking TONS of coffee

New News:

  • I bought a condo in the suburbs
  • Currently pursuing a masters in reading (course 3 of 8 starts tonight!)
  • I will become an aunt for the second time to another nephew who is sure to steal my heart

I am excited to read about you all and to share my stories too!

Happy Slicing!