Play Ball!

Our last practice before our first game…

I’m back home and texting with the other coaches. We are sending back and forth line ups, game plans and some what-if scenarios. Did we cover everything? Do they know all the signs? Should we have gone over that one more time?

I know that we are prepared. The girls look great. I still get the same first game jitters as I did as a player.

It has been a long 4 weeks of practicing, we’re ready to take the field.


21 Out Success

At softball practice this afternoon we ended with a game called “21 Outs.” The girls have to get 21 outs in a row with no mistakes in order to end practice. Every mistake, we start over. This game is tough. I was made to play it all of my softball years. It is about focus and mental toughness. It is about picking your teammates up when they make a mistake.

As I went to tell the girls that we were going to end with “21 Outs”…I accidentally yelled out “21 Questions.” Leave it to my, oh so clever varsity team, to take full advantage of my mistake.

I hit the first ball and they made a clean play. The girls yelled, “1! (we yell out which out we completed) What’s your favorite color?” I answered and laughed. I hit the next ball…”2! What is your favorite zoo animal?” The questions go on and on which means the girls were making great plays this entire time. At one point, they are screaming over each other to ask the next question. Before we knew it, we lost count. This game usually takes several attempts to complete successfully. They had to have been well over 21 outs at this point.

This just goes to show how successful kids are when they are relaxed and having fun. Not just on the field, but in the classroom too.

Go Bengals!


Catch of the Day

Yep…that’s my dad, in my room, with a massive salmon. He knows it is my favorite fish, so why not run it through the entire house to show me!? He yelled out, “Lindsay, I caught you dinner!” I laughed pretty hard. He can be unpredictable, but this move takes the cake. I wish I could have seen my mom’s face when the dirty lake water dripped through the entire house.

He was so excited to show me the catch of the day. In a flash, him standing there with the salmon in hand brought back so many old fishing memories. 

I can’t wait to sit down for a nice home made dinner with my dad. 

He’s the best. 

No Words 

I’ve been laying in bed for an hour, exhausted from a long week and a busy weekend. I lay here trying to recharge and mentally prepare for the week. I keep thinking about how I havnt sliced. I can’t think of anything to say. I start reading other blogs to help spark some ideas. I watch more basketball. Nothing is helping. 

The minutes are flying by and my eyelids are getting heavy. Why can’t I think of anything to say today!? I’m running out of time. My creativity has decided to take the day off. 

I’ve got nothing. 

March Madness

March madness. So much more than just a game. It’s emotional. Northwestern is a team that hasn’t made it to the tournament. They’re making history. Two coaches are coaches I worked for. Players on the team are kids of people I know. 

4 minutes left in that game. Northwestern is said to lose. I hope they win. They’ve worked harder than ever. They’re the underdog. It’s called “Madness” for a reason. Root for the underdog. 

I love this time of year! 

Top 17

In no specific order…

Top 17 Places I Would Be LUCKY Enough to See

1. Greece
2. Italy

3. Napa

4. D.C.

5. Ireland

6. Alaska

7. Nashville

8. Paris

9. London

10. Germany 

11. Egypt

12. Scottsdale

13. Vancouver 

14. Niagara Falls

15. Yellowstone

16. Moscow 

17. Australia

I hope to cross off at least half of these. Let the planning being! 

Room/Team 4

In my classroom I stress the importance of being supportive and working together. We celebrate and cheer each other on. I tell them we are a team and we are all working to achieve the same/similar goals. We are here to learn how to read, write, do math, share, be kind, be creative and have fun!

This afternoon I had the kids in groups for a St. Patrick’s Day trap building activity. As expected with kindergarteners, we hit some bumps in the road with a few tattles and sharing issues. I reminded the kids that they are a team and that in order for their traps to be successful, they had to work together. Apparently, I stress teamwork more than I realize because…

To remind the kids, I yelled out, “teamwork” they yelled back, “makes the dream work!”

Team 4…we’re in this together.