To all of the slicers. Congratulations on another great year of sharing!

See you next slicing season! 


Confessions of a “Grown-Up”

I have a confession to make…

I went to the dentist on Monday. When I called to make the appointment, the kind receptionist asked me to come in 20 minutes early to fill out paper work because it has been 6 years! I immediately debated going to a new dentist to avoid the slap on the wrist.

I very nervously walked into my appointment wondering if I was going to walk out with dentures. How did 6 years go by? The thing is, my dentist has floor seats at the Bulls games, so I see him often when I work. I smile at him. It’s like a check-up, right?! I guess I just felt like I had gone because I see him. The other thing that happened is that when I became a “grown-up” my mom stopped making appointments for me. I did not pick up where she left off.

I am writing you this slice with a numb mouth and a couple other appointments scheduled, including my next teeth cleaning! I sometimes slack on the whole taking care of myself thing. This is a lesson learned the hard way. I am going to try to be a better “grown-up.” Does anybody out there have a check-list on how to better adult?!

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging…I do not need dentures.

A Good Busy

Friendships are something so important to me, and during the school year, I have a terrible at work/life balance. Between teaching, coaching, Bulls games and babysitting, I work a lot, and live a little. As I get older, I am realizing how important balance is in life. While my scale often dramatically weighs one way or the other, it is something I am aware of and always trying to figure out.

That said, I try to take full advantage of my breaks. 

My spring break has consisted of a lot of living. I have had a lot of catch-up phone calls, dinners and hangouts. The days leading up to break, I started making plans. Dinner and a movie on Monday, cooking with my roommate on Tuesday, Wednesday, meet a friend for dinner, Thursday, trivia night with a few others. Friday and Saturday, weekend tournament for softball and Sunday, Hawks game with a friend. Although a busy break, I am glad to be able to have the time and these moments with my friends.

What is great about all of my friendships is the support they give. Most of my close friends are my college softball friends, so they understand the time commitment for coaching, not to mention, their occasional appearances to games to cheer us on! If they’re not asking about the team, they love to hear about my students. They have even given goodie bags to my class for holidays. Their support and understanding makes it easier to do all the things that I do…plus, they know every few months I have a break and will be back in full swing! 🙂

On this spring break, my life scale is heavy.  I am catching up with friends and family, resting, relaxing and getting ready to finish out the school year on a strong note!




Spring Break…

Toes in the sand, on the beach with a drink in hand, relaxing and getting a tan…

Just kidding.

Spring break as I know it…

Toes in the dirt, in the dugout/on the field with gatorade in my hand, high energy and getting a farmer’s tan.

Since I can remember, this has been my spring break. Longer practices, more games and weekend tournaments. While busy, it seems to be more of a relaxing and fun time for both the girls and us coaches. For this one week, there are less distractions and we are able to put a majority of our focus on softball. We are getting stuff done!

While I may dream of being on a beach somewhere, the dirt is where I’ll stay.



Commitment Issues

Yesterday came and went. I slept in (until 8am), worked out, met a friend for lunch and went to a wedding. The day flew by with no spare minutes. 

I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was that I forgot to slice yesterday! I committed to 31 days and I blew it! I was a little bummed at myself because it was the first time I missed a slice in my three years of slicing. Like everyone else, I haven’t always had the time to slice, but I always found a way. I’ve done some “talk text” slices during my commute. I’ve even done some while I was out to dinner with friends, just to honor my commitment. 

Things don’t normally slip my mind. I guess my brain committed to spring break before I was ready.

Coach Brady

Today I had a special visitor at practice. My mom is babysitting and walked up to the high school to surprise me. He immediately stole the show. He may not be a man of many words (or any at all), but I think he was motivation for the girls. I have never seen them run around the bases so quickly, knowing there was a baby waiting for them in the dugout. 

I may not have been a good coach in that moment, but I was at least a good aunt getting him at his first practice. 😊 

Looking forward to the day that he’s out there! 

Good Vibes

We won! Game #1 ends with a 5 inning slaughtering rule. 

What a day! The girls came out with energy I couldn’t even keep up with. Their warm-up CD blaring with the girls dancing and singing all over the field…the vibe is right! 

It took 3 innings to get the jitters out, but after that, there was no turning back. The girls were screaming the entire game, cheering each other on. We were kicking butt! When a team gets along the way these girls are, you become unstoppable. I know it was only game #1, but I can feel it. During our post game talk our girls interrupted with a comment, “good vibes only!” It’s great to see the girls buying in to the importance of teamwork and support. 

I think we found our season motto.