Spring Break…

Toes in the sand, on the beach with a drink in hand, relaxing and getting a tan…

Just kidding.

Spring break as I know it…

Toes in the dirt, in the dugout/on the field with gatorade in my hand, high energy and getting a farmer’s tan.

Since I can remember, this has been my spring break. Longer practices, more games and weekend tournaments. While busy, it seems to be more of a relaxing and fun time for both the girls and us coaches. For this one week, there are less distractions and we are able to put a majority of our focus on softball. We are getting stuff done!

While I may dream of being on a beach somewhere, the dirt is where I’ll stay.




8 thoughts on “SB2K17

  1. Seriously – I read your first two lines and was a tad jealous…missing my “toes in the sand” time, too! Mine would be more “face down in a snowbank” this year, but I am certainly not complaining about a beautiful week in Big Sky, MT skiing! (Okay, I do complain a little when I am face down in a snowbank of sliding downhill instead of skiing down.)


  2. There is something that I just love about this slice. It rings true to who you are as a person – that’s for sure!! Yes, you could be sitting with your toes in the sand, but I see you as a toes in the dirt kind of girl instead. Way to go – and good luck to your team!!!!!


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