21 Out Success

At softball practice this afternoon we ended with a game called “21 Outs.” The girls have to get 21 outs in a row with no mistakes in order to end practice. Every mistake, we start over. This game is tough. I was made to play it all of my softball years. It is about focus and mental toughness. It is about picking your teammates up when they make a mistake.

As I went to tell the girls that we were going to end with “21 Outs”…I accidentally yelled out “21 Questions.” Leave it to my, oh so clever varsity team, to take full advantage of my mistake.

I hit the first ball and they made a clean play. The girls yelled, “1! (we yell out which out we completed) What’s your favorite color?” I answered and laughed. I hit the next ball…”2! What is your favorite zoo animal?” The questions go on and on which means the girls were making great plays this entire time. At one point, they are screaming over each other to ask the next question. Before we knew it, we lost count. This game usually takes several attempts to complete successfully. They had to have been well over 21 outs at this point.

This just goes to show how successful kids are when they are relaxed and having fun. Not just on the field, but in the classroom too.

Go Bengals!



4 thoughts on “21 Out Success

  1. This was an awesome post and I can only imagine how awesome it was to be apart of! I so agree on your outlook of what success looks like when the environment is relaxed, fun, loving, and comfortable. Way to go!! 🙂


  2. Sounds like an awesome practice. Makes me miss softball a bit. I totally agree about kids being successful when they’re relaxed and having fun. We have to find the ways to make it all fun!


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