1000 Pieces

I started a new 1000 piece puzzle. For one hour, I was relaxed and without a thought. It was nice. I feel refreshed. I realized that this is my form of mediation. 

Suddenly, mediation time was over, not because I thought it should be, but because my brain turned back on and in full competition mode.  My goal was to finish the boarder in that sitting and I couldn’t find some pieces. I started to yell at the poor puzzle. “Where is this piece? Did I put it in the pile of the middle pieces? How do you not fit here!? WHERE IS THIS PIECE!?” I got no answers to any of my questions. 

In all seriousness, it was relaxing. It is so important to have that quiet time and I’m glad I found my outlet. I guess I just have to know when to walk away. 😊

Oh, and I think I could do some serious mediation if I can jump into this puzzle when it’s complete. 


8 thoughts on “1000 Pieces

  1. I had to laugh a little at the part where your brain turned into competition mode because I could totally see myself doing the same thing. I started to color as my meditation (until I HAVE to finish the picture!) And also crochet or knit as a form of meditation. I never thought of doing puzzles as a way to zen out. I just may have to try it!


  2. I definitely go through puzzle phases–and I always get Buffalo puzzles–they’re the best! Good luck with finishing your puzzle–and don’t let the competitive spirit win! 😉


  3. I’ve seen that puzzle! Haven’t done it though. My daughter and I try to do at least one 1000 piece puzzle in the couple of days she visits. It is a quiet together time with coffee and tv in the background, some conversation, but mostly quiet together time. The frustrating part comes when we discover a piece has been chewed by the dog!


  4. I love puzzles too!! I wish I had the patience to work on them now, but I always feel like I should be doing something else. I love that your puzzle time is both meditation and competition. Such great words since they are on opposite ends of the spectrum! A wonderful Slice! I enjoyed reading it!

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