Life Choices

I drove back into the city this morning at 8am. All lanes were clear, Lake Michigan was calm and the sun was gleaming off of the buildings. Breathtaking. How could I give this up? Maybe I shouldn’t!?

To move or not to move, that is the question.

After a three year battle, I think the answer is, to move…maybe. Lakeview (Chicago) to the suburbs has been my commute for the past few years. I can fly out to work, but the commute back is a dreadful one. I coach an after school sport from November – June, which puts me at the heart of rush hour for a majority of the year. Come to think of it, “rush hour” is actually not an hour, but could better be called, “rush evening”. I swear, traffic starts at 3pm and does not end until 7pm. Not to mention the construction on a ramp I use! Also, TRAFFIC! (Sorry, things got a little heated there)

Back to the debate…

Moving to the suburbs: Buy, rent, move home with my parents for a bit?? That’s already 3 decisions I have to make just by leaving the city! I watch too much HGTV. I want my place to look like the flip, but really, I can only afford the flop. Aside from all of that, I would be closer to work, and that would make everything much more convenient. I could get a coffee without paying to park! I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic! I would gain at least 2.5 hours per day without a commute. I wouldn’t have to circle my building  and the surrounding area 200 times to find a parking spot.

Staying in the city: I live on the lake. I have an amazing pool and patio in my building. Most of my friends are here. I live a mile from Wrigley Field. GO CUBS!!!!!! I love the freedom of being able to walk out of my apartment and wander aimlessly. So much to do out here, so much!

Every time I feel like I have made my decision, Chicago goes and does something to convince me to stay.

Thank you for the beautiful drive this morning, Chicago.

Life choices. Ugh!


9 thoughts on “Life Choices

  1. Oh, man!! I feel the constant struggle you are facing with moving. Without being in your shoes and just simply reading what you’ve written, my decision would be to stay where you are- it sounds like a wonderful place. However, I’m not the one in the car during rush hour traffic. Listen to your heart and ask advice from those around you!

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  2. Hey! Why don’t you add a third option to your list? Stay in the city, but move to a more convenient location! Check out the South Loop. So easy to get on the Ryan – traffic is still an issue -but not even close to that which you describe here! I have the benefit of the city, the lake, the hustle and bustle (in a good way) without the headaches you have. You have such a good head on your shoulders. I know that you will make the right decision!


    • The South Loop would be a great middle ground! I was just talking with a friend who recently moved there and she loves the area. Like you said, traffic isn’t too bad and still has all same perks as Lakeview. I think option #3 just entered the mix. I have until August before I have to decide. I’m sure I’ll be dancing around all three options until I am forced to make a decision.

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  3. I am from California. LOOONG commutes from all angles. Although we are in Michigan now and get stressed when we go back for a bit, I am a firm believer in loving where you live. You might be able to find a compromise. Do consider that happiness can be found anywhere you are. Thanks for slicing.


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