Dr. Seuss said it best, “Oh the Thinks You Can Think”

A blessing and a curse in my eyes.

I reflect. I reflect about work, relationships, and really, everything I do. While there are a lot of positives that come out of reflection, it also brings me anxiety at times too. I often find myself wondering what I could have done better, if I could have done more or what I should have done differently. My mind doesn’t stop. I overthink. My brain is a busy one. I am, at times, a perfectionist.

As I write this slice, I’ve just come to a realization that my “reflecting” isn’t always a reflection, as it is overthinking. Interesting. Apparently I needed to reflect on reflecting to realize I am actually an overthinker. Do you follow, because I am not so sure I do either.

I need to think about how I think.


10 thoughts on “Reflecting??

  1. The question becomes, is reflecting on reflecting overthinking? Ha! I might be a bit guilty of this myself. I envy the quick thinkers. The people who make a decision and move on. Some day….


  2. I am totally a reflecter/overthinker too! At times I think, this is wonderful. I love thinking. Let’s do more deep thinking. And then there are other times where I am like, “No more thinking I cannot do anymore deep reflections no more deepness!” Sigh. I guess if we want to have some reflecting in us, we have to get used to doing some over-reflecting every once in a while too. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I definitely feel this way sometimes! Especially when it comes to interactions with others (parents, colleagues) – that’s where my anxiety lives! Thanks for helping me think about my thinking, too. 🙂

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  4. I think of Socrates and his unexamined life line when I read your slice. I’ve always championed reflection and thought of it as a gift. I really like and prefer reflective people. But, I know what you mean when a thought becomes burdensome and critical. I find myself there a lot. There are times when it’s necessary to let thoughts go, specifically if they’re interfering in the creative process and keeping one from taking positive risks.


  5. I think you may have just written a Dr. Seuss book for adults! Ha! In all seriousness, this post is a reminder that the mind can be a scary place to go inside alone. It’s interesting to think of the difference between reflection and thinking…and overthinking. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!


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