Caring Kindergarteners 

A nervous face walked down the hallway towards my classroom today. It was our new student. I greeted her with excitement in hopes to ease any nerves she might have. I walked her into the room and did a quick tour, showing her her seat and cubby. I introduced her and she told us a bit about herself…which turned into curious kindergarteners wanting to know every last detail. So we did a question and answer.  Turns out, they have EVERYTHING in common with her!

As the day went on, I continued to check in, but the other kids would beat me to it. It was so cool to see 5 year olds so concerned and “motherly” with her. It was almost like they were in competition on who could show her our routines/procedures next. They took her under their wing and made her feel so welcomed and comfortable. I remember looking out at recess nervous to see her alone. I couldn’t find her…she was already in the mix. 😊

What I have learned about my kids this year, and what I am reminded of today, is that my kids truly care about others! I’ve had three “new kids” throughout the year, and every time, the kids take over. They are so great at including one another that you wouldn’t have a clue who the “new kid” was. 

I stress the importance of kindness and caring. It is heartwarming to take a step back and watch how mature they’ve become.


11 thoughts on “Caring Kindergarteners 

  1. That’s an amazing feeling to have! So nice seeing such kind people in our world at such a young age! Love this post! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next post!

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  2. I always love seeing the kids become the mother hens of a new student. I, too, stress kindness and caring with my first graders and when I see it in action, it always makes my heart happy. I bet our kiddos could teach many adults important lessons on kindness! Thanks for sharing 😀

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  3. This had me feeling all the feels! I love how caring and welcoming your community of learners is! That little new friend is so lucky that they landed in your room! Such a cute slice!!!

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  4. I believe that it is because you have created such a warm and caring atmosphere and have taken your students under your wing that it makes it easy for your students to do the same. What a sweet slice!


  5. We are hard wired to love, right? It’s the little ones that remind us of this. The differences are learned and barriers are built later on, but man how adorable is it to see how naturally and instinctively kids, look out for each other. Love it. 🙂


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