Still Got It!

Some of my favorite moments with my kindergartners are the “silly” times…

I walked out to recess and heard screams, “Miss O’Gean, come play with us!!” So, I put my clipboard down and joined the soccer game…well, kind of. The soccer game was less of a game and more of a keep away from the teacher game.

15 vs 1. I caught on quickly to their plan and turned it up a notch. Yep, that’s right, I got the ball! Game on! I look back and to see smiles, laughter and some teeth –  we seem to be losing lots of teeth this time of year. Anyway, I ran to the end of our area and suddenly other kids were quickly jumping in to play defense against me.

25 vs 1. I was in trouble. I looked for any kid who I thought might take my side, no such luck. It was me vs them. They were not backing down without a fight and neither was I!

31yr old vs 5yr old. I got tired, they did not. After a few times back and forth, I needed a break. I heard giggles run up behind me and we laughed as we all caught our breath.

…I had to let them know that Miss O’Gean’s still got it! ;). I wonder if they’ll ask me to play again tomorrow?! I’ll pack my gym shoes, just in case.


7 thoughts on “Still Got It!

  1. How do they never get tired?!?! I’m always amazed by their energy. First graders never get tired either. I bet you’re the star of their dinner time stories tonight! Hope you do pack those sneakers tomorrow 😀


  2. Adorable. In theory. Don’t think I could handle the little munchkins. I deal with the I know it all kind- teenagers. 😁 The them versus you mentality still occurs through the age groups but the medium changes. You get soccer; I get who’s cell phone made that noise?


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