Dress #9

Today, I purchased dress #9!

People always joke with me about the amount of weddings I attend or that I am asked to stand in. To me, friendships are everything. I love sharing and hearing. I keep in touch. I reach out and make an effort to see people. I love doing anything with anyone who wants to do it. Having fun is fun. That said, the people I keep in my life are there for a reason…then those people get married.


I was really hoping to find a picture with every dress, but I failed. Anyway, here is the line-up from 2009-present

Lindsey – Met during freshman year volleyball and built a strong bond over arguments about who spelled their name the correct way. We lived together for a year at Loyola and still have no resolution to E vs A.

Heather – She was a mentor of mine through softball. We took lessons together and she took me under her wing when I was a scared freshman on the varsity team in high school. We went on to coach for 3 years together at Lincoln Way West.

Tony – My brother…he was stuck with me!

*Tara – Played softball at Loyola together

*Ellen – Played softball at Loyola together

*Nora – Played softball at Loyola together

*Katie – Played softball at Loyola together

*Ali – Played softball at Loyola together

Laura – Met through a friend a couple of years ago. We went to Thailand together. We share the same “I can’t sit still” problem. She is a do’er!

*I put that last picture in because softball…well, it has built my strongest relationships. Those girls are loyal, hilarious and the hardest working people I know. They are successful in everything they do and push me to be better all around. We have become family.

Thank you for stopping by, as I shared with you some of the most important people in my life.

The journey to 27 (dresses) continues…





7 thoughts on “Dress #9

  1. Family isn’t just blood as this post beautifully reminds me. We all have people that we consider a family whether it be your co-workers, church family, or teammates from college. The pictures really show how strong of a bond all of you women have.


  2. I love this post! I’m about to be in my very first wedding in just a few weeks–I’ll be my best friend’s Matron of Honor three years after she was mine! This post gets me excited for that day to come!! Good luck with so many more wonderful days!


  3. One day they will all wear their dress for you! Such a great friend you are that so many want you to be with them as they make such a beautiful commitment!


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