O Captain! My Captain!

Softball season is here and in full force. After a grueling week of tryouts, we finally posted our team on Thursday night. Yesterday we had a team meeting to congratulate the girls and talk about team goals. We discussed how we would work to accomplish these goals. We also talked about rules and consequences. A pretty standard start to a season. 

As an ex softball player, I know how important the role of a leader is to a team. Everyone looks to you for guidance and watches you, to lead by example and to do the right thing. I was in a captain role for both high school and college softball. It is tough role at times when it falls on you to make sure your teammates are focused and making good choices. If not, it is your job to take action and have those conversations. While we are voting captains for our team this season, we decided to do a little something different…

We asked the girls to pick a partner. That was going to be their “accountability partner.” We explained that from here on out, they are also responsible for their partner. They are to check in with one other. They are an extra support system for school, softball and all the extra life choices these girls deal with on a day to day basis. They are to hold their partner accountable for their actions and will also be a part of their consequence if a rule broken. The girls seemed both excited and nervous as we heard them already talking to their partners about getting grades up and having new attitudes. 

We hope this will help with choice making on and off the field. We hope to see the girls mature. We hope to see the girls step up when a teammate/friend is having a hard time. We hope this brings focus. We hope this brings out some new leaders. We hope this builds trust. 

Time will tell, but I am excited for accountability partners. I think it will be a success in all the ways we hope.

Off to our Saturday morning meeting and practice. 

Happy Saturday!


7 thoughts on “O Captain! My Captain!

  1. Accountability partners….so genius! I can see the comparison to all of us at school, holding each other accountable for slices! Sounds like the start of a great season!⚾️

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  2. I love this! I am a choir director, and when you’re looking into a room of 40+ faces, you know there’s no way you can spend the individual time that each wants of you. I’m going to try this with my kiddos–because I’m always harping on how a choir is a team, and we succeed or fail together. This is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

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