No Running in the Halls!

No running in the halls!
No running at arrival time!
These two rules I don’t enforce. Why, you ask? I don’t enforce these rules because they make up my favorite part of the day. 

Every morning I have kids coming down the hall from breakfast or out of mom’s car, headed my way, ready to start their day. We make eye contact. Their arms spread with eyes wide. I can see their little legs start to rev up. They’re ready for take off! They start running. Still running! Here it comes!!  Finally, they prepare for landing. 

Destination: my arms, for their welcome hug. 

How could I ever tell a kid to stop running!?!


7 thoughts on “No Running in the Halls!

  1. Awww! This is the sweetest slice ever. I love the play by play moment where you describe how they take off running and end up in your arms. Teaching little ones can be full of challenges, but moments like that make it all worthwhile!

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