Fearless Little Ones

Today we celebrated Dr. Seuss by having some green eggs and ham. Instead of making it easy on myself, I came up with a master plan to surprise the kids. I felt like I was on Top Chef this morning, sweating, trying to plate the “green eggs and ham” before the kids came in.

We started off the day by reading the story and discussed if we would be brave enough to try green eggs and ham. The kids then went back to draw a picture and write if they thought they would like it or not. They had no idea they were going to try it…they were right where I wanted them! After I saw that everyone had make their predictions, I started handing out the green eggs and ham. The kids went crazy! Not one hesitated to try it out. When I was their age, anything that wasn’t normal looking didn’t stand a change to be eaten. These kids are fearless.

Just a slice of a fun day/activity in kindergarten. 🙂

  • Green Eggs – yogurt with green food coloring, sprinkles and a Nilla cookie
  • Ham – as himself

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