Tis the Season

Wedding season is upon us. I took today to get my calendar organized with shower dates, engagement parties, bachelorette parties and the actual wedding dates! Let’s just say, I can tell you what I am doing every weekend until July 16th. I have 2 free weekend from now until then…which I am sure will be filled with some kind of announcement.

People sometimes laugh at the amount of weddings I’ve had or will be attending. They ask how I know so many people. It’s simple. I like to meet new people. I also keep in touch with those who have made a positive impact in my life. Friendships are valuable. I have no problem sending a random text of a memory or a “hey, how ya doin!?” It’s not easy maintaining friendships old or new, but the efforts are always worth it…especially when you get to be there for their BIG day!

Watching friends in their happiest moment is something I could do a million times over. Celebrating them through showers and parties and sharing stories is exciting in a new way with each couple. Can anyone honestly tell me a better event than a wedding? You, your friends and family all in one room for an entire night of celebration!

Bring on the season!!




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