Stickers for Rock Stars!

Today was an exciting day in Kindergarten! I had three students shine brighter than the sun. While the results of these students hard work and efforts might not show to the naked eye, they have been making some great strides!

Students 1 and 2: Writing Workshop

I was making my rounds and conferring as usual. I check in with these specific students at the start of the workshop to get them going. Today, I did a brief check in during turn and talk and they seemed ready to go back and write…and boy did they! By the time I got back around to them, which wasn’t much time, they were rollin’! One student, independently, did two pages of writing using transition words, brave spelling and punctuation. The other student finished her book and decided she should go back and add more detail. Her illustrations were out of this world. They definitely earned the spotlight during our reflection time.

Student 3: Reading Workshop

This particular student tends to get frustrated while reading. Today he came running across the room with his book bin in hand. He wanted to read with me. He WANTED to read! I stopped dead in my tracks. He chose which book he wanted to read, nailed it, and was so proud of himself. After our workshop ends, I choose 2 or 3 students to read to the class to show off their skills. Today was his day! Normally a shy kid, he got up to my chair and read with pride. It was awesome.

My Reaction:

I was a bit beyond myself. I hugged them so hard their heads could have popped off. As a teacher, you wait for these moments for kids to click, and when they do…well, I find it hard to contain my excitement. I was so pumped for all of them! I actually caught myself interrupting with compliments as they were sharing. When I realized what I was doing, I started giving them stickers every time I though I was going to have another outburst. These students walked out with an entire hand covered. I need to rein it in sometimes!

What’s the best part of it all…

I asked them how they felt about their accomplishments today. Their responses, “So awesome!!” and “Like a rock star!” I’m glad they know it too!




6 thoughts on “Stickers for Rock Stars!

  1. Oh, I loved this! I can feel your excitement for them bouncing right off the page! And the perfect reaction–sending them out with hands full of stickers. Those kids felt your joy right along with their own. Those are the moments that become the best memories–loved hearing about them! (Especially the Shy Reading Kid who had such an awesome breakthrough and then got to share!)

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  2. Students who “shine brighter than the sun” do so because of their teacher. You openly show your pride and joy in their accomplishments and provide them with opportunities to be proud of themselves. I’m sure they told their parents they had a great day at school today!

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