Anyone else watching the NCAA tournament games?! It’s truly, March Madness!

I fill out a bracket every year only to be disappointed! Wichita beating Arizona! …Purdue to Little Rock in 4OTs…Michigan State losing to a 15 seed! I had them winning the entire thing. My bracket is as good as shredded.

Although I’m extremely frustrated in my bracket, my picks don’t always match what I feel. I’m a huge underdog fan. I hate that my teams are getting knocked out, but I’m loving the upsets. My heart is torn. I want to win because, well, I like to win, but I also can’t help but to love a Cinderella story!

Lucky for me, I have a part time job for the Bulls. That means I get to work all basketball events at the United Center…which means that this year I get to work Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games of the NCAA tournament this year!  Hopefully the of the teams I’ve picked actually make it. I feel like I’m a curse!

This slice is all over the map and I apologize. I’m a bit distracted as another one of my teams is about to get knocked out by an underdog. Hate to love it!


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