Game Day

Today we’re up early to prepare for our first softball game. What better activity to do as we near the first day of spring…although it still feels like winter. 

Girls arrived at 8am to hit in the cage before we packed up on the bus to head to Marengo. Energy is high and the girls are finally ready to play against someone other than themselves. Bows and braids in nice and tight. Look good, play good!

We hop on the bus and I am reminded of how loud a group of 15 high school girls can be. Laughing, singing and friendly banter fills the back of the bus. It makes our lives easier that they all enjoy each other on and off the field. 

Two hours later were pulling up. A bit of silence strikes the bus as some first game jitters are setting in. One last breath.

Here we go…gotta get 2 today!

Go Bengals!


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