Lucky the Leprechaun

St. Patrick’s Day is quite a day here in Room 4.  Yesterday we made a plan and built traps in hopes to capture the leprechaun and find his gold! They were given a box and random art material. The kids came up with the most creative and decorative traps. One trap really caught my eye, it looked like a house. I asked them why they were making a house filled with rugs, couches and televisions. Their response, “if we make the trap look like a nice comfy house, maybe Lucky will want to come in and then we can catch him!” – Wow! That thought didn’t even cross my mind.  Traps are made, a plan in place, now we wait…

Today, I ran outside pretending as if I had yet to make it into the room to see if we caught lucky! The kids were certain that we got him! We tiptoed into the room together only to find….

  • Books and folders all over the tables and floor
  • Traps destroyed
  • Hand and footprints leading to his escape
  • “Nice try! written on my Promethean board
  • A letter telling us that he got away
  • Green pee in the toilet
  • Leprechaun rocks

The kids laughed and laughed, amazed at the disaster. Though he made a mess, Lucky was nice enough to leave us some gold and stickers. Little did they know I had one more trick up my sleeve, leprechaun rocks! The kids found green rock-like molds around the room. They looked dirty, so I suggested we clean them. The rocks were made of baking soda and water and I stuffed them with gold coins. When washed/dropped in vinegar they fizzed and started shooting gold up to the top of the bucket. The crowd went wild!

What a day! What really stuck with me today were the older students in our building excitedly asking me if the leprechaun came to the room! Today might have some silliness to it, but it is an experience that sticks with them for years to come.

…This might even more exhausting than Halloween!

We’ll get you next year, Lucky!



4 thoughts on “Lucky the Leprechaun

  1. I love this! You can be assured it sticks with them. My first grader made a trap last night because she just knew the leprechaun was coming to our house. After all, he came to kindergarten and we aren’t there anymore so he has to come to our House! Lol


  2. Your students did catch Lucky because they are so “lucky” to have a teacher like you. What a great way to build community, have fun, and create a memory that will stay with your students forever. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. That naughty leprechaun MUST head straight to the office whenever he is caught. I love that they created traps – especially the house, it only makes sense that a leprechaun would need a comfy place to stay. Thank you again for all the wonderful things you do to make our students feel special! They are so LUCKY and so is CP!!!

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  4. Oh my gosh. I love the “What Leprechauns like..” brainstorm on the Pb with Lucky’s “Nice Try!” smear. Hilarious. You REALLY went above and beyond. The leprechaun rocks? Unbelievable. They really are so lucky to have such a caring and invested teacher. Kudos!


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