51 hours later, my sister-in-law had her baby. It finally happened! The baby is here! Mom and baby are doing well. Happy and healthy. 🙂

We got the call at 8pm that they were going in for a c-section. My parents and I ran in circles around the house for a good 15 minutes before pulled ourselves together. The newest member of the O’Gean clan is on its way and we CANNOT wait!!

We get to the hospital and have to wait a couple hours, which felt like an additional 51 hours. Finally, the baby has arrived! A 9lb 2oz baby boy named Brady, and was he ever so perfect! Both sets of new grandparents in tears. Mom and dad in awe of what they have created. I stood there speechless. As the baby was handed to mom, we all stared in amazement…and like most immediate family members, we were wondering when it was going to be our turn to hold him! Brady was passed around the room making the cutest little noises. The grandmas were being total baby hogs! When it was finally my turn, I shed a tear as he laid so perfectly in my arms and rested his hand on mine. It was love. Such a little miracle!

I’ve only been an aunt for about 20 hours and it is the coolest thing ever! Not only am I an aunt, but a GODMOTHER too!! I should probably cancel all of my credit cards before I spend every last penny on him. He’s worth it.

I could not be happier for my brother and sister-in-law.

Look out world, Brady is here!


5 thoughts on “I’M AN AUNT!

  1. Congratulations on your new little (ummmm, BIG!) nephew! You’ll make a wonderful godmother. The part you shared about shedding a tear as he lay perfectly in your arms was quite touching. I’m glad he finally made his entrance to the world!!!

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