Kind and Curious Minds

The beauty of being a teacher is building that family feel in your classroom. The care and wonder for one another…

Yesterday during discovery learning some of my students got into magnets. They were making a list of what the magnets would and would not stick to, ultimately finding that metal was their target. When we pulled together for reflection time I had those students talk about what they had discovered. After a bit more discussion, I decided to fill them in/ask them if they thought a magnet would stick to my back.

At that moment I decided to tell my students that I have two metal rods in my back from a spinal fusion due to scoliosis. I asked if they thought the magnets would stick to the rods through my skin?  They thought long and hard. While they were thinking, I decided I would throw my x-ray under the doc camera. (I think that x-ray might have sparked some new interests).

Most, if not all, did not understand my brief introduction of what scoliosis is or what my surgery entailed. I had no intentions of changing the topic, I just wanted to make them think. Instead of discussing the question, the kids immediately became more concerned with the surgery and my well being…

Their questions:

“Are you ok?!”

“What happened and why?”

“Does everyone get scoliosis?”

“So it looks like the letter S?”

“Does it still hurt?”

“How long did the surgery take?”

“What kind of doctor does this?……….

I stopped and took the time to answer their questions. I even let them use me as an experiment. The genuine concern in their eyes and their questions were so sincere. I had a couple of students sneak behind me at dismissal and touch my back. They told me it was bumpy and that it was okay!

I could tell a thousand more stories of their curiosity and kindhearted ways, but I will stop here for today.

Oh, and the magnet didn’t stick…if you were wondering. 🙂




10 thoughts on “Kind and Curious Minds

  1. Goosebumps!!!!!! I am SO, SO impressed with your story! How cool that you shared this part of you with your students. These kids and their curiosity – they are really something special – and they are so lucky to have you leading the way. The part about a couple of the kids touching your back at dismissal time really got me. That is just so special and so considerate that you let them do that. Really. So. Great.

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  2. I LOVE that you had this totally personal, totally cool lesson with your class. Children exude so much empathy and it is so important for them to recognize that everyone has feelings, challenges, scary times, sad times and that it is all ok! Your class will be talking about “that teacher I had with the metal back” for the rest of their lives!


  3. This is so sweet. I esp love, “I had a couple of students sneak behind me at dismissal and touch my back. They told me it was bumpy and that it was okay!” This says it all. Their concern. Them reassuring you…it’s the sweetest thing. I completely agree. It’s kind of amazing the family bond that is created in the classroom each year with each different group of students. Love this. Thank you! 🙂

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  4. What a wonderful gift you are giving your students by sharing your stories with them. You are planting seeds of empathy and caring that will grow in them well beyond their kindergarten years. Your students are truly blessed to have you as their teacher.


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