Welcome Back 

After two days of being away from the classroom, I was excited to see my kids again. 

The bell rang and I was quick to run out to see my kindergarteners. As I was approaching the doors, the kids saw me and started screaming, jumping and yelling, “Miss O’Gean, she’s baaaaaack!!!!!” A little taken back and humbled, I ran down the line showing just as much excitement, giving high fives and letting them know how much I missed them. One parent said with a smile, “well that has to make your day!” I let her know that these kids make my day, every day.
Now that I think about it, I don’t think it is possible to have a bad day in kindergarten. I’m sure other grade levels can agree, but I am just speaking from my experience. They either do something absolutely amazing, hilarious or both. Watching these kids grow in all aspects is truly amazing. I cannot even put words as to how cool it is! 

What a great thing we get the thing part of. 


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