Organization Karma

So much for that excited post from yesterday about getting organized.

A short back story of my “situation.” I currently have an apartment in Chicago but work 10 minutes away from my parents house. Teaching and coaching can make for some long days and I’m usually too lazy to drive back to the city, therefore, I stay at my parents house some weeknights. I will admit, when I am back home I seem to lose a bit of that orderly way.  After years of research, I’ve found that my closet floor does a great job, the best job, of storing all extra clothes and knickknacks…and, if you shut the closet door quick enough, you can fit almost anything in there! It’s science and it is truly amazing.

So, where does karma fit in, you ask? Well, apparently my mom was bored today. It seems as if my closet has thrown up all over my bedroom. Not only my closet, but all the stuff I thought I hid neatly in the basement corner too! I guess I kind of had a feeling she was up to no good when she sent me a text earlier telling me where some of my things are…

Anyways, my organization high has now worn off. For some reason, this task does not seem as rewarding as the job files and excel sheets. Uhh, I do NOT want to do this. Doesn’t she realize that I was hiding that stuff for a reason??

Thanks for the slice idea, Mooooom! (insert glaring eye roll)

Oh, and my mom thinks I’m up here organizing…


5 thoughts on “Organization Karma

  1. Alas, you too will live through a similar experience. As a mom of three adult children who do the same, I have started stacking piles by name and giving deadlines before it goes to Good Will. Funny how they end up not wanting 99% of it. I think some of it is the time it takes to go through it all.
    I have to confess my chair in my bedroom has clothes piled up on it all the time…unless company is coming, overnight!

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