Does anybody else get extremely excited when they are organized?! Ever go to the Container Store and hyperventilate over all of the incredible options? There really is no better feeling than being organized. Labels, file folder, tabs, colorful bins, excel sheets…talk about a party! This past week I have been an organizational monster. It all stemmed from a duplicate book I accidentally sent home for my kindergartners. They were quick to tell me the next day that they already had that one. Oops!!!

After school that day, I tore apart my files. I cleared out any duplicates, copied new books, then made an excel sheet of all the books I had with level and tentative weeks they were to be used for next year. That should do it. It felt so good getting all of that aligned…what should I do next?

Next up, monthly files. Being a second year teacher, I have files filled with everything! Anything anyone handed me, filed. I never wanted to be without something I thought I might need. Anyways, I brought home a crate of all my files last weekend. Stopped at Jewel for some file folders, and some wine, and got to work. Each month, nicely organized with themes, poems, books, projects, etc. I feel like a new woman!

I am already thinking about my next project!






6 thoughts on “Organization

  1. I remember those times at the first of my career when I took everything that anyone offered…only to be left with a pile of books/handouts/lesson plans that I had no idea what to do with! Unlike you, I ended up overwhelmed and tossed a lot of it, much of it probably things I could have used! Good for you for taking the time to organize. It is something I still struggle with…

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  2. My wonderful ideas of organization get overtaken by reality more often than not. I purchase all the bins, folders and crates, label makers, markers and tags, and even the wine but it generally stops about there!! LOL! What is the Jewel store you speak of?

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  3. Your slice puts me in the mood for cleaning – which is not what I want to think about. Also, I wish that I was as organized as you. If you would like to go to the Container Store and then make some adjustments to my office, I would not get offended.


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