Disney On Impulse

I’ve always been an impulsive person. I get an idea in my head and have to take action. As it turns out, I am an apple that didn’t fall far from a tree.

On Friday I was at my parents house and my mom was watching some Disney 60th Anniversary show. She was locked in and loving the program, so I decided to sit and watch with her. By the end of the program my mom says, “you know what, we should go to Disney World!” While it was just thought she had, I jump up and grab my computer to do a little research. Within 30 minutes I had dates, flights and hotel information all written out with price comparisons and pros and cons. We start to discuss the idea a little further and ask for my dads input…he rolls his eyes as my mom and I are giddy doing research. Research ends and I head to bed.

Saturday morning comes and I am off to a long morning of softball. I have a missed call and text from my mom. She knows I am not available to talk. Assuming it’s an emergency, I call back…SHE BOOKED A DISNEY TRIP! Disney resort, park hopper passes and all! It hadn’t even been 12 hours and she put our plans into action. Talk about impulsive! My dad, mom, sister and me…family vacation!! Super excited, and the daughter of an impulsive mother, I run home after practice and make a google doc filled ideas for each day with character dinner ideas, what parks we will hit and when, etc.! I call my sister about 100 times to ask her what she thinks. She is ready to kill me because it is 3 months away and I am basically packed up, with my Mickey ears on, ready to go.

I am 30, my sister is 27…we laughed together about how incredibly excited we are about the trip. We wondered, why are were more excited to go to Disney as adults than we were as children? Out of excitement and anticipation, I went online and bought all four of us matching Mickey t-shirts to surprise them with when we get to the resort. You can’t go on a family vacation to Disney World without matching family shirts!

3 months and 2 days in counting!


12 thoughts on “Disney On Impulse

  1. Sweet! I’m sure you will have a blast. It sounds like a great trip. I think as children, we don’t always have much input, while as an adult you took the lead.


  2. Oh my gosh, Lindsey – this is amazing! I can’t believe your mom did that so quickly! You guys are going to have so much fun, and I’m over here smiling ear to ear at your child-like excitement. I would be the exact same way!

    So exciting!


  3. Hilarious! Love your excitement. I took my 9 and 6-year olds (and hubby) to Disneyworld this past June. I loved every minute of it and desperately want to go back! It is a very magical place.

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  4. And that is exactly what those big anniversary shows are intended to provoke – booked trips to Disney! Ha ha ha. You guys sound like such a fun and loving family. I get the feeling that the anticipation of the trip is almost as exciting as the actual trip itself – am I right? 🙂

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  5. Oh my goodness, I love this so much. I can totally relate! Our poor dads – living with all women, learning to expect this and just nod in agreement. I really resonate with the idea of being the product of our parents. I see it so much more often now that I am a real, live grown-up and I don’t hate it.

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  6. This slice makes my Disney-loving heart sing! I cannot wait to hear about the plans your mom has made. Do you think there is a chance she is willing to adopt me so I can go too?


  7. That’s so exciting! I went when I was pregnant for the first time, just my parents and my brother and I. I was 29 and he was 27 and it was just like old times. So funny and super fun. Have a blast!

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