Teacher of all THINGS 

Dr. Seuss week, is a great week! While planning this weeks activities and THINGS, I realized how many THINGS we do as teachers. 

Teacher of all THINGS…

We teach friendship

We teach manners

We teach kindness

We teach forgiveness 

We teach responsibility

We teach love

We teach trust

We teach how to deal with emotions 

We teach perseverance

We teach how to love yourself 

We also teach math, reading and writing, science, social studies…

The list goes on and on. Lucky us to get the chance to do all these THINGS on a daily basis. 

……and somehow when kids go home, they say we teach them “nothing!” 🙂 
Here is a week collage of some fun Dr. Seuss inspired activities in kindergarten.  


7 thoughts on “Teacher of all THINGS 

  1. Kindergarten fun – so entertaining. Teachers do and children soak it in but replies like what you stated are commonplace. Parents have to dig deeper to find out what teachers do in school. Thanks for the reminder.


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