Season is Here!

Softball season is here! We enter this season with a target on our backs. Teams were finalized on Wednesday and it has been nothing but excitement over at Oak Forest. Last year we finished 19-0 in conference, won our regional and unfortunately lost a heart breaker in sectionals. We are preseason ranked 19th in the state! We are back and out for blood! (competitive Lindsay is the complete opposite of daily Lindsay).

We have an extremely talented group of girls this year. We were talking/reminiscing as a staff about how it feels start a season, the nerves, the excitement, the what ifs. I think being on the coaching side causes a bit more of the nerve feeling. The other coaches are girls I grew up playing summer ball with. One ended up playing at UIC, the other at Bradley and me at Loyola.We know what it takes to make it to that next level, and we have girls who want to get there. Sometimes I think we are more excited than the girls. We are constantly asking ourselves if we are doing enough. We all had successful careers and great coaches, how do we make sure we are giving them the same experience. With anything, you hope that what you’ve practiced and preached rolls over into their performance.

It has only been three days, but I see big things in our future.

Man, do I miss playing!


6 thoughts on “Season is Here!

  1. I love this post! Being on the coaching side is definitely different. You seem so invested in your team that you are clearly going to be able to lead and give them a fantastic experience. Good luck this season!

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  2. It sounds like your enthusiasm and love of the game is what ignites your players to succeed. Your words on the screen are passionate, so I am sure in person you are even more inspiring. Best of luck to you and your team this season!

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  3. It’s great that you have found a way to be involved after your playing years. I loved coaching softball. My daughter plays (U8), but I’m so glad that I get to help her from time to time. When we “battle” about other things, we come together in love and understanding around this sport. Good luck this season!

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  4. My best friend is the softball coach at Glenbard North and we have the same conversation every year. It is funny as a former athlete that we never think of coaches being nervous. We look at you all as strong and confident, not realizing that you are as nervous as we are. Good luck on your upcoming season!

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