The Plan

I decided on the first day of slicing, I would also start a 12 week workout program. I have successfully complete this program once before and felt great…I have unsuccessfully started this program at least 15 other times. I just completed day 3 and I am feeling good! Well, I only feel good because I finished today’s workout. The moments leading up to the workout are another story.

I woke up feeling motivated and excited, and as the day went on, I slowly started to lose that motivation. I’m blaming it on the girl scout cookies. I am trying to workout and eat healthy, but those cookies, I swear, they are reproducing! I ate half a sleeve of thin mints after lunch to help get rid of the issue. Anyways, the school days ends and I am ready to head back home. I hit traffic and start to think of all the other things in the world I could do when I get home to avoid working out. Turns out, the only things I needed to do was to clean and put away laundry…I guess maybe I will workout…maybe. Uhh.

I finally get home and go to put on my workout clothes. I’m dragging my feet and rolling my eyes while doing so, as if I were 6 years old and was sent to my room. I finally got myself together and talked myself into the workout. Here I go!…Then the workout Gods had one more challenge for me…I went to grab my headphones and they’re not there. How am I supposed to workout without music?? This one almost sent me to the laundry room, but I prevailed.

The sob story could go on, and while I pouted my way through the workout, I am glad I did. Getting back into a workout routine is tough, so if you see me in the hallway, feel free to yell out a “you go girl” or dish out a fist pump! 🙂

March, the month of commitment.


4 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. I loved the ending, it made me laugh and here is my in the hallway fist pump “You-GO-GIRL!” I was making the “me too” sign throughout the whole post. I’ve been doing 30 Day challenges since January and I’ve had the same feelings many times.

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