The Unsolved Mysteries of “Q”

Just when you think you might not have anything to say….
This morning I had my phone in my pocket. I do not have a security code on it so my phone has unlocked a time or two on its own. Today, the ghost of SOL was in my pocket too. 
If you are a follower of mine you may have noticed a short lived mysterious and untitled post this morning. I was made aware of the post by a notification to my email that someone liked my post. What post?? 

Here are the steps to access my wordpress blog on my phone:

1. Swipe the unlock to open phone

2. Scroll a screen right to get to the page where the app is

3. Click to open the app

4. Click on blog post

5. Click the + to add blog

(The SOL ghost was apparently too lazy to come up with a title…)

6. Put curser into the share your story section 

7. Type Q

8. Publish blog 

Mind blowing.

Q wanted a post, Q got a post…a much more in depth post than he/she originally was going for. 

Who knew one letter could made up an entire slice?! 


7 thoughts on “The Unsolved Mysteries of “Q”

  1. Hahah.. I saw your zealous, outspoken Q last night and assumed he was an accident. So nice to know he has some personality and purpose. Love how he was able to manifest into two slices. Love how you listed the steps. Insane and awesome. πŸ™‚

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