My Favorite Things

Day 29!

Since this is my current age, I decided today’s slice will be about my favorite things. My favorite places, things to do, hobbies, items, etc. If Oprah can have a list of favorite things, why can’t I? The only difference is that I will be giving away none of the following…
So, in no particular order, I list 29 of my favorite things:
1. Family, friends and teaching (The obvious.)
2. Trying new restaurants
3. My Fitbit
4.The sun
5. Going on vacation (I have been so many great places…looking forward to adding on to that list. Also why I have 3 jobs. One for savings. One for Bills. One for fun.)
6. Seeing different baseball stadiums (Wrigley and Fenway – my top 2)
7. Watching college softball
8. Friends (TV series — still my favorite, thank you Netflix for feeding into my obsession)
9. Dunkin Coffee
10. Papa John’s 6 cheese pizza
11. Portillos cheese fries and beef sandwiches (YUM!)
12. Cooper’s Hawk – my go to restaurant
13. Bike rides/run on the lake front (lucky to live only a block from Lake Michigan)
14. Cookies and Cream ice cream
15. Aquafresh toothpaste
16. My mom’s lasagna
17. “Smelly Markers” as I call them – Mr. Sketch
18. McDonald’s Diet Coke
19. Cubs games! Opening day tickets, set!
20. Nike Clothes
21. Nail Polish
22. Neon Colors
23. Pinot Noir
24. Oprah — I would love to meet her
25. Chicago Skyline
26. Summer mornings
27. DVR
28. Automatic Car Starter (life saver this winter!)
29. Lifetime Movies
There you have it. 29 of my favorite things! My current situation: #8, 9 and 20.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. As I read your list #6 made me wonder if you were from Chicago, and #11 and #13 confirmed it. What a great list. We live near Chicago and love riding bikes along the lake front when we are in the city thanks to Divvy. Enjoy your coffee, Friends and a day in comfy clothes. Happy Sunday!

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