Guess I am Lucky Afterall…

On St. Patrick’s day I sliced about luck and how I thought it was more about putting yourself in the position to get “lucky.”

Today I’m slicing about luck again…

Yesterday I found out my best friend’s father passed away of a sudden heart attack. I stared at her text, numb, waiting for the words to change. I was speechless. What do I say? What do I do? I can’t help her. I wish I could. I am almost nervous to see her and her family this weekend because I just don’t have any words to express how I feel for them.

An amazing man. An amazing father. A family man. A softball dad to so many. A man who reached out to me regularly when I was coaching at CPS to donate equipment to my girls. To call and tell me to take my girls out after our first win for ice cream and to send him the receipt because he was so excited for us. A selfless man.

So about that luck. I am lucky. As this soaks in and I think about my past slices, I realize I’ve written so much about my parents. I am lucky I have both of them in my life. I’m lucky to be so close to them. I’m lucky to have never lost a family member or a friend. I realized as some have commented on last slices, how fortunate I am to have these relationships. Time to start appreciating how lucky I really am.


One thought on “Guess I am Lucky Afterall…

  1. Just being there for your friend and her family is the best thing you can do. You’ll know from their cues what they need. As time goes on, they’ll appreciate hearing about all of your positive memories of your friend’s father and the impact he had on you and others.

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