Scoliosis Part 3: Reflection 


Recovery was tough, but I moved along quickly. The length of recovery was supposed to be between 6-9 months. I didn’t care too much for those numbers since there was NO way I was going to miss out on my senior year softball season. I had a DI softball scholarship I had to show I was still worthy of…so I opted for a 4 month recovery instead. Looking back, I probably should have let my body rest longer, but I was losing my mind having to sit still for all that time.
If you have been keeping up, you know that I had a hard time dealing with the all of the elements of scoliosis. I hate the hump on my back. I hated the back brace. I hated being different. My back is still crooked and has a hump, but that doesn’t phase me anymore. Instead of the brace, I now sport a scar from my neck to my tailbone. Am I self conscious about any of this now? NO WAY! 
If only 29 year old Lindsay could go back and knock some sense into teenaged Lindsay! In the grand scheme of life, this was such a mild experience. There are so many children, and people in general, who have real issues, real illnesses. To think my world was over is ridiculous for me to process at this age. I admit I was oversensitive about the situation and missed out on a lot because of it. I can’t help but shake my head at myself on how I acted at home or why it was such a BIG deal! My mom tells me now that she hopes I have a kid just like me one day! She says she is joking, but I am thinking she is kind of serious…I sure put her through the ringer! 
Today, my favorite part of my body is my back. If I could show off my scar and the rigidness of my back every day, I would. I love what it stands for. It made me stronger in so many different way. It made me more sensitive to others, especially to those who may not seem to “fit it”…whatever that means. It made me a positive and outgoing person. It made me an all around better person. 
The quote in the collage I felt summed up this journey:
When something bad happens, you have three choices.
You can either let it define you. (…as it did at when I was diagnoses)
Let it destroy you. (…as it did when I was fitted for my first brace)
Or you can let it strengthen you. (After recovery and on…)
No matter what the situation is in life, as long as you come out stronger than you did going in, it was an experience worth having. 
Ps. Did you notice my shirt in the bottom right picture?! That is my favorite t-shirt. My sister got that made for me a year ago. That is my back x-ray blown up to life sized. My how my outlook has changed! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Scoliosis Part 3: Reflection 

  1. Thank you for writing this and sharing so many details. When I hear the word scoliosis now, I will have a much deeper understanding. I can be an encourager. Your attitude is so great…you probably had to go through the teenage years the way you did to be able to get to where you are now. And probably, even if your mom is joking, it will turn out that way if you have kids!

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  2. The past 3 slices were great, Lindsay. I remember hearing about your surgery back then and glad that you were able to recovery so quickly. I know that your coaches wanted you back on that team for your last season almost as bad as you wanted to be there. I am also glad that you were able change your perspective post surgery! You are truly an amazing person!

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