Daddy/Daughter Time

Nothing like waking up at your parent’s house on a weekend. Quiet, cozy and comfortable. 

This morning I was up early and walked downstairs to watch tv and make some coffee. Of course my dad is two steps ahead of me and already had SportsCenter on and the coffee going. This sounds familiar…

Some of my favorite memories as a kid were days like these. Pajamas, sports, making breakfast together while having friendly banter on the hot topics of SportsCenter. Today’s conversations were on the NCAA Tournament. We saw eye to eye on most games, but the games we didn’t see eye to eye on…we’ll just say we agreed to disagree. I like to think I’m a little ahead of my dad on sports knowledge these days, but don’t tell him I said that! 

While I do see my parents a lot, I don’t feel like we have these moments very often. The undistracted moments. No work, no cell phones, no nothing, except our conversation. Such a great start to the day!  

I guess Dorothy was right when she said there’s no place like home!


13 thoughts on “Daddy/Daughter Time

  1. I love how you captured these sweet moments with your dad. All too often those cell phones and the pressure of other obligations distract us from the importance of these quiet times. It sounds like you just snuggled right into it though! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I loved your reading your post because it reminded me of the special Daddy/Daughter time that my Dad and I enjoyed and how much I miss those times with him.


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