Worry Wart

In my last blog I wrote briefly about my “what ifs” for my upcoming trip to Thialand. I am a worry wart and I hate it! I have a tendancy to overanalyze and overthink everything, sometimes to the point of causing anxiety. The worst part, the worrying is usually about nothing important. I saw this picture online a few years ago and thought it was perfect. This made SO much sense that it took a minute to process….

What in the world is the use in worrying!? 

I’m causing mysef anxiety over something I can fix? Why…problem is soon to be solved. 

I’m causing myself anxiety over something I cannot do anything about!? Why…it is out of my control. 

This map has stuck in my head since I found it. Do I wish I could follow this perfectly, yes. Easier said than done. I know I will always have some type of worry about something, but it has definitely helped to calm some of those thoughts. 

Take a deep breath. Figure out a plan. Execute or let it go. 


4 thoughts on “Worry Wart

  1. I can SO relate to this post. Worrying about things (or ruminating as I like to call it!) has always been a struggle for me. Like you, I’ve tried to let it go and it’s worked to some extent. I like to think worrying makes me a better person in some ways, so maybe I shouldn’t try to get rid of all of it, just the parts that make me miserable! Great post, and I liked the graphic! Best of luck to you! 🙂

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  2. The picture is great! I can relate, and I should also print several copies for myself. I am a worry wart, though I don’t like to admit it. I am getting better about letting things go I have no control over, and I do find that making a plan is helpful. Still, I find that I get stuck in the cycle of worrying, that builds to anxiety, that causes me to freak out for a day or so. THEN, I put my head back on straight, and make a plan. Gotta stop that cycle!!

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