Sooo, there have been some ideas thrown around with a few friends about a big vacation near the end of summer. Last night we finally pulled the trigger and booked a 14 day trip to Thailand! Along for the ride are 5 other of my friends, 3 guys, 3 girls…very brady brunch of us. I haven’t processed that I actually bought the ticket, so the panic and buyers remorse hasn’t set in just yet.
We plan to fly into Bangkok for 3 night then off to Thailand for good stretch and back to Bangkok for the finale. We plan to pet tigers, ride elephants, scuba dive, parasail, be in water bluer than the sky…basically be complete tourists! The more I talk about it the more excited I get! I can’t believe it is actually happening! We joked that we are all having a quarter-life crisis and then thought…when else would we be able to do something like this!? So true. Single adult-life will hopefully be coming to an end soon, so crazy, “semi” spur of the moment, ideas will not be as realistic to pull off. Not to mention, we will also be celebrating two 30th birthdays out there! What a way to ring in 30!
My fears…the unknown. How will traveling go? Can I really fly for 22 hours!? What if we miss a connecting flight, will we be safe? Will we be safe in an unknown land? I don’t speak their language, how will I communicate? What if the tiger decides to go crazy on my turn to pet him? The what-ifs play over and over in mind. I think it is probably normal to feel this way. I am trying not to let it ruin my excitement. I am such a worry wart!
Why are abroad vacations so amazing/exciting, yet so terrifying!
Just over 4 months away! AHHH

5 thoughts on “Thailand!

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    We are going to the ILA Conference this July in Missouri. Both of us will be leaving our families for the first time. It’s super scary but we know we will come back better for it! Waiting for this life-changing experience. No tigers or elephants will be there, but a whole lot of great thinkers and ideas.
    Enjoy your wonderful trip.
    Darla & Jen

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  2. Have a wonderful time! I went to Thailand years ago, during spring break in college. Didn’t stay long in Bangkok… followed up that long flight with an overnight bus ride and then a two hour boat ride to a small island where we could stay in family-owned huts for a dollar a day. Monitor lizards and tarantulas included. No tigers or elephants… I think I missed out!

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  3. You are going to have such an amazing time! One of my friends just got home from traveling through Bangkok and Thailand…she backpacked for three weeks. Her pictures and the adventures she went on were absolutely amazing! It will definitely be the trip of a lifetime! 🙂

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