Fitbit Motivation

If you don’t own a fitbit, get one! It has made working out fun. Seeing all of these updates from friends and coworkers accomplishing goals is awesome! Can’t help but want to do another lap after seeing how well everyone is doing. Motivating! 

My current mood…what excuse can I come up with so I don’t have to workout? My fitbit seems to be telling me I have to! I reached my step goal but I am currently in 3rd place in my work week challenge with coworkers. I hate to lose, so I guess I’ll go downstairs and get a few extra steps in. 

Thank you Fitbit for helping me get in shape! 


2 thoughts on “Fitbit Motivation

  1. Ha you guys crack me up with this competition! It makes my day to see Nolan just marching in the hallways to beat everyone…it also made me track every stinking step I took today with my phone…16,500 steps. 🙂

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