P’s and Q’s

The other day I went to good old Starbucks to get a drink. As always, it is extremely busy and people are barking orders at the cashier left and right. It was finally my turn!

I walk up to the cashier and say, “Hi, how are you?”….I order my drink, say please and thank you and go to hand over my credit card. The cashier says to me, “you are one of the only people who asked how I was or said please and thank you.” She then looks at me and says, “this one is on the house, thank you for having manners.”

I left Starbucks excited about my free drink, but also a little taken back by the situation. Are some people really that wrapped up in their own lives that they can’t take two seconds to say hello, please and thank you?! I try my best to always be polite and mind my manners and this time it unexpectedly paid my way. A little manners goes a long way.


5 thoughts on “P’s and Q’s

  1. I worked in retail in college and I remember experiencing the same thing. I always try to be kind to the people behind the counter, because I know how much they take from the public! Manners are a forgotten art for sure. Good for you!


  2. I waitressed in high school and college, and even a little while I stayed home with our kids. Nice people are few and far between. But it sure made me remember to be nice to those who serve me. (And I’m a good tipper!)

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  3. So sad that you were one of the only people to ask her how she was doing and using your manners! Seems so simple but so few do it. Ugh! The good news is – YOU did do it and made her feel good. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! Sort of is along the same lines as my post today.

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