Growing Up

How old are you? What’s your favorite color? Do you have a mom and dad? Do you have a basement? What’s your favorite game? Do you have kids? Those are just some of the questions I get every day. You have to love the curiosity of a kindergartener. All they want to do is know everything about you. It cracks me up. 
The question I am slicing about today is, how old are you? One students guessed 16! I said, “I wish!” Then I thought, do I really wish I was 16?! 
I look back at my life and all the crazy phases you go through. As a kid I was the biggest tomboy around. Lots of neighborhood friends and involved in a lot of activities. Great memories! Then there was the teenage years. I owned the awkward phase! My hands and feet were growing, nothing else. I had braces and was getting fitted for a back brace (which I will get into at a later date). On to college… I felt like I grew a ton, and I did. As you might remember from an earlier slice, I played softball in college. While I thought I was an adult, I realized after graduating that I really wasn’t making too many decisions on my own. My life was still completely structured. I even had my meals scheduled! Post college life…my 20s, time to figure out what this whole adult thing is really about! I think every year of my 20s I have changed. Maturity, decision making, priorities, family. Things that were SO important when I was 23 seem so ridiculous and even opposite at 29. 
So to answer the question, do I really wish I could start back at a younger age? No! Growing up is a lot of work! A lot of mistakes made and even more lessons learned. As I round out my 20’s this year, I can say that I happy with the person I have become and excited to continue the process. Getting older isn’t as bad as I once thought. 

4 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. My 20s was about figuring out what I wanted to do with myself, how to get what I wanted, and how to navigate adulthood once I managed to get to that point. My 30s have been about figuring out how to prioritize all the goings-on in my life, which includes deciding what is and isn’t important, all while taking care of myself. It’s different for everyone, I’m sure, but I know you will enjoy the journey as I have.

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