Proud Teacher Moments/ Coffee Update 

The beauty of our job is that every day is a new challenge. Some days you walk out feeling great and other days can go by when you can’t help but think to yourself, are they getting this?!

When I take a step and look at my students I can’t help but smile. We’re writing sentences?! We’re doing math!? Their little adult conversations that they’re having! Just 6 months ago some could hardly print their names or count to 10…how did we get here?! This is awesome!

Some proud teacher moments:

The other day one of my students was getting his milk at lunch and he runs up to me all excited to tell me that the cow on the carton is fictional because he has big muscles and real cows don’t have big muscles. I melted. My students are obsessed with naming fiction and non fiction.

I wore a sweater a couple days ago and a girl says, “I like your AB pattern shirt!” I couldn’t help but laugh…they don’t see a shirt/sweater, they see math!

I could go on and on with “proud teacher” moments, but I’ll save some others for another slice. Even on those days you might feel like no one was with you, they were! They’re listening and they show it the coolest ways! 

Coffee Quitting Update:
The time change is not sitting well with me. I tried my best not to go through the drive thru this morning, but I swear my steering wheel turned itself right in there! I had to tell you because I felt guilty. Who tries to quit coffee the week that we spring ahead!? I’ll ‘spring’ this attempt ahead a week. Maybe I’ll be better adjusted. 

5 thoughts on “Proud Teacher Moments/ Coffee Update 

  1. First of all, that’s amazing that your students are picking up on those things and they really were learning what you taught them! Second of all, good for you for trying to quit coffee. It’s so hard! I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that!


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