Tutoring Fun

Yesterday I started tutoring a few of the kindergarteners after school. I wasn’t sure how it would go. Do they have another 40 minutes left in them after an entire day of school? Is my plan enough? 

I walked in to the room like it was a new day. Energetic. Excited. Enthusiastic. They kids bought in from the start. They were participating and engaged. We had a blast together on our first day…not to mention, we learned a few things along the way! We even made a team cheer before we ended…hands in the middle and all. “Kindergarten is AWESOME!!” 

I believe a big part of my job with such young ones is to get them to love learning and be excited about school. With so many years of ahead, my hope with tutoring (and in my classroom) is that when they are with me, they not only learning a lot, but are also having a good time while doing so. My goal is to make tutoring something the students are excited for and look forward to. 

Tuesday tutoring. Wooo!


2 thoughts on “Tutoring Fun

  1. Tuesday tutoring. Wooo!! You are awesome for that statement alone. 🙂 A kid’s perspective and belief about school are so important for their motivation. Kudos to you for approaching those extra 40 minutes like that. Lucky kindergarteners!

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