A Kindergarten Slice of Friendship

I’ve been trying to incorporate the slice of life challenge with my kindergarteners. I tell them they can write about anything from their lives that they want to share. Our first time I had the class share their ideas before they went off to write…”I love Elsa!”…”I want to share about my ninja turtles!”…”Power rangers!!” I let them run with it. 

The next slice, I challenged them to think about something to share other than toys, a movie or a character. Their slices were amazing. They wrote about all different kinds of hobbies, their family and friends. 

What really touched me was a few of the kids wrote about their best friend. Of course at this age, their best friends change daily, sometimes within a single recess…regardless, it made me smile to see how important friendships are, even at 5 years old. One wrote how he wanted to tell everyone about his best friend in the class because he likes the same things as him. Another because he is a lot of fun and likes football. Their faces lit up as they were bragging about THEIR best friend. 

Looking back I can remember how much fun it was to find a best friend. You ask your mom to drop you off at the mall so you can run to Clair’s for one of those ‘best friend’ neckless that split in half. I can remember all of my best friends growing up. My friends today are such a huge part of my life and still even have a few from grade school. Fun to think that some of these friendships that are starting in my classroom could last a life time.  

8 thoughts on “A Kindergarten Slice of Friendship

  1. Awwww, how sweet! I guess I forget about that. How these are their beginning school memories and they are so important to them. I love this! Very cute little slice that I just read to my little kindergartner at home! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. I am so thankful to have read this today. We are doing the Middle School Poetry Slam and alot of the presentations are about bullying and being friendless. I am hoping that it is attributed to MS just plain being hard and awkward! I hope your little ones continue to have lots of best friends!

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  3. First, it makes my heart happy that in the beginning you let the kids run with their initial ideas. Love. Next, my heart smiled when you “challenged” your students to think about other possible topics. Nice work – this led them to some deep, meaningful writing!!

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  4. Oh, how sweet! I just love the thought about little ones sharing. I see them in my mind, raising their little hands, looking like they’ll explode if you don’t choose them, telling you “Elsa, power rangers and Ninja’s” so cute! Makes me smile!

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