It all started about 4 years ago. I had a desk job. For a while I would only get a coffee if I was cold or tired, and before I knew it, it became part of my morning routine. It was almost as if my coffee was the key that opened the office doors. — Check my email before my first sip, hah! Then we got a Keurig in the office…how great is this!? Now I don’t have to run out to get one, and it’s free! Unfortunately at this point it was too late. I had become a coffee snob and that Keurig just wasn’t good enough for me. Back to the Dunkin and Starbucks runs…and hey, maybe I’ll even promote myself to a large coffee for being such a loyal customer. 

Fast forward to today.

On work nights, I set my alarm ten minutes earlier to make sure I have enough time to get my coffee. Maybe if I had those extra ten minutes of sleep I wouldn’t need a coffee! On the weekends, I wake up and start thinking of the day’s agenda…but not until I get that coffee first! My mornings have revolved around my coffee runs. I realized I’m wasting time, money (I did the math, I could save around $900 a year if I kicked the habit!) and not making healthy choices with my daily dose of cream and sugar. 

So today,I quit! I am replacing my coffee with water. If I make it through the week and weekends I will allow myself a coffee on Fridays as a reward. Baby steps! (**See fine print at the bottom) 

 Wish me luck!  

**if I get a headache or am crabby, I might quit quitting. 


8 thoughts on “Addicted 

  1. I make my coffee at home. I get the pot ready the night before. When I get up in the morning, I go to the kitchen and turn the pot on before going into the shower. That way, it is ready for me when I am out of the shower.


  2. I will admit that I’m not a HUGE coffee drinker (though some days – TODAY – it’s a necessity), but I LOVE a good tea. I’ve learned to buy a tall tea in a venti cup so I save money. Also, I try to only get it when I have gift cards. When I don’t have any, I just use the hot water from the Keurig at work to make my own! I like having a hot beverage to sip on the morning!

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  3. Well, good luck to you. I, too, am addicted. I cannot function without my morning coffee. It’s literally the first thing I think about when I wake up. And I’m a snob, too! Has to be home-brewed from my kitchen or Dunkin Donuts. Keep us posted and good luck!

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  4. I too love my coffee. I have both the Dunkin’ and Starbuck’s apps on my phones, but I’ll drink any kind of coffee you put in front of me. Good luck! Great reflective piece.

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