Blood, Sweat and Tears

What does it take to be a division I college athlete? Drive, passion, mental toughness, and trust (in yourself, teammates and coaches).

That said, I am off to start working The Big 10 women’s and men’s basketball tournaments. As a former college athlete I can’t help but get excited to watch these teams play their hearts out. 

Tonight I will watch two teams end their season. I will watch several seniors end their careers. I will watch underclassmen gain experience. The emotions will be pouring out of these athletes, especially the seniors. I can remember my last game, I knew my season was over in the last inning. I had 3 outs think back on my college softball career…

Four years of 6am conditioning and weightlifting sessions, 4hr practices, individual hitting sessions, injuries, punishment runs, insane travel schedules, study halls, watching game film, the wins, the losses, the teammates…I did all that and I’m graduating!? Is it really over?! 

Tonight those memories will flood back in as I watch these athletes shed some tears as they remember the incredible amount of hours they dedicated to the sport they love. They’ll shed tears as they hug their teammates because there was no way they could have made it without them. They’ll be in shock that it’s over. More importantly, they’ll be glad they did it! They pushed through the ups, the downs and let out a little blood, sweat and tears along the way. 

Here’s to all the athletes who will be going pro in something else…


One thought on “Blood, Sweat and Tears

  1. This is a great glimpse into the life of a college athlete. From the way you write about them, I have the feeling they won’t be the only ones getting a little misty-eyed tonight…


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