My Kindergarten Checklist

Hair in a messy bun  — CHECK

Hands full of marker — CHECK

Ears ringing from children saying,”Miss O’Gean, Miss O’Gean, Miss O’Gean, Miss O’Gean!” — CHECK

Head spinning from the all of the days lessons and activities — CHECK

Mouth smiling — CHECK

Eyes looking back on the day to make adjustments for tomorrow — CHECK

Clothes full of glue…or is it snot!? — CHECK

Shoes torn up from carpet time — CHECK

Fitbit steps at 10,000 — CHECK

This is how I know I had a successful day on the job. Lots of learning, lots of fun and LOTS of energy! I might look like a train wreck by the end of the day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Loving every minute of this journey!


7 thoughts on “My Kindergarten Checklist

  1. The life of a kindergarten teacher…lol…as a parent of a Kindergartener I can assure you that all those things just make you more important in the eyes of your students. You guys are superheroes to them,,,and to us.


  2. Love your checklist…a kindergarten teacher is always going!!!! Such a sweet slice!
    I hope it’s glue, but it’s probably snot! Ha!


  3. It was a good idea writing a checklist as a SOL. I love it! I think you told people what it is like being a kindergarten teacher. Looks like you have a lot of work going on!
    – Ava [ a 3rd grader ]


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