Mom Knows Best

Lonnnng day! Today was the last tryout for the high school softball team I’m coaching for… which means it was time to make cuts. Nothing is worse than telling a high school kid, or any kid, that they’re “not good enough.” Of course it is worded in the most positive fashion and with tips on how to improve for the following year, but you know the only thing playing in their heads are negative thoughts. It kills me. 

After the gloom of this evening, I give my mom a call. She already knows I hate this part of coaching so I’m sure she was prepared. Actually, I know she was, because she answered the phone and told me she had a lasagna (my favorite food) in the oven and to come over for dinner. Just what I needed. 

The older I get, the more I seem to need her. 

Mom knows best. Thanks, Mom!


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