My Neckless


I love everything about the meaning behind an arrow. This is such a great reminder to stay focused on your goals.

I most recently relate the arrow to my long journey to find a teaching job. I was one of the lucky who grew up knowing EXACTLY what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to teach! Unfortunately, I was also one of the unlucky ones to graduate college the same year the economy decided to take a plunge. From a maternity takeovers, aiding, subbing, coaching…the works. I could not find a way in! I bounced around to a few different districts in hopes that things would open up. No such luck. At this point I am 26, my friends are all working their way up in the business world and I am here spending hours on end on k12jobspots, googling jobs and questioning myself. Maybe this just isn’t what I am “supposed” to be doing. Defeated, I asked myself, what else do I love? Athletics

— Enter life as an administrative assistant for Loyola’s basketball program.

At this point, I have set my arrow down. I am back at Loyola, the place I loved, where I learned so much as a student and as an athlete…maybe this is where I am supposed to be?? It was a change of pace and I did enjoy being a part of a program and helping out student-athletes, but I never felt whole. Not to mention, I still found myself sneaking in a few teaching applications everyday! Shhhh! Still nothing was coming of those and I started to accept the fact that my dream of being a teacher was over…and then they asked me to work the little kid basketball camps over summer. I had a blast! I was working with kids again. I let myself forget how much I loved this! I then realized I had given up. Work after that felt empty. What was I doing to help people? I was back to questioning myself and confused. Could I really try to do this teaching thing again?? I knew I didn’t have an option.

I spent that entire summer knocking down doors, making phone calls and reaching out. I found my way back in! I was in aide in a preschool in Chicago. I was back on track…until the next school year rolled around and no jobs opened up at my school. I was going to be an aide, again! I couldn’t help but think I was back where I started a few years ago! I loved being in schools, but would I ever find what I was looking for? Then a few weeks into the school year I got the most amazing call of my life. The call I had been waiting for since I was 23yrs old! I GOT A JOB. My own classroom. Something I have been excited and ready for since I was 5yrs old and am loving every minute of it!

Sooo, back to my neckless! I wear it as a reminder to never quit, to never give up, to never stop aiming/working towards your goals. Was it hard to stay focused, absolutely! Persistence pays off. (I also can’t help but think that my bow had an extra flexible string…felt like I was pulling that arrow back forever!!)


13 thoughts on “My Neckless

  1. I had never thought of an arrow in this way, it’s a beautiful metaphor. I am so glad both of us found our way to CP this year! It’s fun being across the hall from you!

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  2. I can completely relate to your frustration in searching for a job! I spent about a year doing the same thing as you knocking on doors but being told that they were looking for someone for more experience. Congratulations on finding one!

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  3. Great story! You had me experiencing all kinds of emotions. I felt your disappointment, then your short contentment, then your enthusiasm for kids came shining through when you taught camp. I felt your happiness to return to kids in schools only to feel that disappointment take you over again! Your excitement when you were hired at 143 was so fun to read about. I felt like you were going to jump through the screen – ” the most
    amazing call of my life!” I liked the way your brought the meaning of the arrow back in at the end.
    Great slice! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Love that quote about arrows! It’s interesting that you were trying to convince yourself that you weren’t going to be a teacher… but the feeling kept nagging at you. I think that means it’s your true passion, a calling even. So glad you found us and we found you. 🙂

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