My First Slice, AHH!


Hi Everyone!

Well, I am already starting with writer’s block and I am only on my first sentence of my first ever slice! I have talked with a few veteran slicers about their blogs and have been brainstorming a lot too. Do I stick with a theme for my classroom? Do I just do random thoughts on my day? How in depth should I be? I am still organizing my thoughts and I am not quite sure what each day will bring, but I guess that is what makes this fun and challenging. That said, I suppose I should introduce myself…

My two passions in life are teaching and athletics, and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do both. I am a first year teacher in a kindergarten classroom and I LOVE it!! I can go on and on about this, but I am sure I will be slicing about this along the way. Aside from teaching, I am also coaching basketball and softball. I just finished up with the 6th and 7th grade boys basketball season. We may not have had as many wins as we hoped, but we sure had a blast along the way! As one season wraps up, another begins, this time, varsity softball at my alma mater. Along with teaching and coaching, I also work for the Chicago Bulls and a member of this year’s Big 10 basketball tournament crew.

Between teaching, coaching, Bulls, Big 10 and life in general, I have a busy month ahead. I am excited to share more about myself and my journey and even more excited to learn more about fellow slicers.



8 thoughts on “My First Slice, AHH!

  1. I remember being a first time slicer- it is scary and daunting, but what I have realized is that even in my fifth year, I have days like that. Days when I don’t know what to write or doubt that my writing’s any good. Whenever I’m stuck, I start by reading other slicer’s posts. I can usually find inspiration from them. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

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  2. Hi Lindsay! Welcome! You are a slicer – and I know you’ll have so many fun things to write about from your busy life. If you’re ever stuck be sure to read other’s slices – they really give us lots of inspiration! Glad you’re joining us!

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  3. I was in your shoes last year and again this year. Once my fingers touch the pen or the keys on the keyboard, my creative juices begin to flow. So let your fingers guide you and your mind wonder. You are sure to get some pretty good slices. Welcome!

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  4. The first Slice is the hardest! You will find so many things to inspire you as the month continues:) I am so excited to enjoy your slices! Welcome to this amazing writing community- it was a great experience for me last year, and I was so excited this morning to flex that writing muscle again!

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